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This cat contributes nothing to my writing whatsoever. He’s just significantly cuter than I am.

Welcome to Harriet’s Ink. I’m Harriet Stuart, a writer of flash fiction, short stories, researched historical articles, and personal essays.

I write on mental health, depression, anxiety, Victorian and Edwardian history, Christian theology and issues in the church, and LGBTQ.

On this site, you can find samples of my writing, in case you are interested in having me write an article for you. This includes a sample of each of my main kinds of writing– flash fiction, short fiction, historical articles and personal essays. (Once again, poetry might end up there one day, but she’s a sneaky little rascal.)

In addition to this, in the blog section, I will be chronicling my journey into the world of freelance writing and (looks askance at the door) maybe poetry. It will be subject to my other writing projects, as well, which include several novels which are much farther from completion.

If you like my work, I also have a webcomic– averysilentwood.wordpress.com, called A Very Silent Wood. It deals with many of the same topics (theology, LGBTQ, mental illness) as my writing does.

Thank you for visiting! Soli deo gloria!

A highly professional photo of a very psychotic cat
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